Leaders EAT Flatbread

medium_18497964What can we learn from a ‘flattish’ loaf of bread? A few weeks back, our 8-year old daughter evicted all of us from the kitchen. She was on a mission to wow us with a magnificent display of her culinary skills. Execute Mission Bread… 3, 2, 1… Blast away!

Well, we did not know what she was up to until she emerged from the kitchen covered in flour. It was only then that I got a glimpse of her handiwork. Like the true leader she is, delegation is one of her strengths. My services were urgently required to fire up the gas oven.

Laid in baking tray were two rolls of wet dough. Into the oven they went. That’s when I asked her what she had used as the raising agent. “Yeast!” she proudly pronounced. That was the same stuff my wife had agonized about. Apparently, my wife thought the yeast was not active and shelved any idea of baking bread.

This young girl took me back to Leadership 101. Just EAT it, don’t over-process stuff. Kill the excuses, attempt what I can, and, tear into leadership roadblocks [TweetMe].

EXCUSES not allowed.  The yeast may have gone bad, but that was no excuse for not testing it out. It’s not like we were baking bread for one hundred people. It was just two loaves! Leaders don’t give excuses; I just need to get it done with whatever resources I have available to me [TweetMe].

ATTEMPT. Launching out is the best way I get to grow as a leader [TweetMe]. I need to pursue and look for opportunities to grow my skills. Many times I second-guess myself on ability or preparedness to lead, even before I make any attempt to.

TEAR down barriers and share whatever you have with love [TweetMe]. Seth Godin says that it’s “Better to pick just one thing you can be proud of, rather than offering just about everything in an attempt to please just about everyone (and thus no one).”

So, what are you planning to EAT?

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  • I enjoy this way of imparting wisdom – excellent content and context.
    Like the new self-hosting as well.
    Keep up the good work!!!
    Congrats to T.

    • Kimunya Mugo

      Thanks! Your support is most welcome…

  • What a great story to illustrate leadership. Sounds like you have a wonderful daughter!

    • Kimunya Mugo

      She is super-awesome 🙂 Thanks.

  • Great post Kimunya!
    I am a father myself and GOSH do kids teach us every day life-long lessons!
    It is a true pleasure to have you engage in #infectious connections with us in your #HRockstars tribe and I promise you one thing, keep the inspiration coming and I will always be next to you supporting!
    Prends-soin cher ami,

    • Kimunya Mugo

      Mon ami, it is always wonderful to have you here. Thanks for your support and glad to be of inspiration to you and all #HRocktars!

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  • Beautiful! Great look to the sight. I look forward to indulging what you have to offer.

    • Kimunya Mugo

      I am honored to work alongside you Susan 🙂

  • Great stuff ;). It never ceases to amaze me how much children have to teach us.

    • Kimunya Mugo

      Kids are a well of wisdom, if we choose to see them that way 🙂