Is Leadership a CRAFT?

medium_144021639I think it is, just not in the literal sense of the word ‘craft’. Leadership is a conundrum of many skills and issues all tightly meshed into an amazing fabric.

Conflict is present in everyday leadership. I face issues to do with clarity or the lack thereof.  Should I be participatory in my work with others or do I work through them? These paradigms cause enough tension for me to just balk and want to run for the hills. However, Skip Prichard points out that healthy conflict may open up our creative genius. This is different from conflict bound to cause division and friction in a team. It has to be resolved by everyone being honest and open. Sustained conflict does not yield effective results [TweetMe].

Results are what a leader should aim for at all times. As I grow my leadership, I am learning to keep track of activities, but my absolute focus is on delivery of credible outcome [TweetMe]. I am now acutely aware to be on lookout for opportunities to help others grow (capacity building to sound all technical), reward them for efforts they make towards the outcomes, and provide timely feedback to keep them on track.

Accountability to self and the team is at the heart of great leadership. This is not only limited to work only. It should transcend to transparency, openness, reward, and clarity of roles [TweetMe]. Results are the outcome of a set of relationships that are molded by accountability. I am engaging with human beings, not pieces of equipment!

Factual dimensions can’t be overemphasized for great leadership to emerge. As I work with others, I need ensure that I provide my followers with the dignity that they deserve [TweetMe]. When instructions are given, they need to be clear. For team members to engage with me, I need to know they are committed to the cause. If not, it is paramount that those who can’t are provided with an opportunity to exit with dignity. Sometimes to another project where their skill-set will thrive.

Trust is the final critical pillar in leading teams and followers that matter. As my focus remains honed in on the outcomes, I need to deal with impediments and unnecessary processes as soon as they crop up. To earn trust, I need to admit mistakes when I fall victim, have regular open (and honest) communication, and allow my followers to ‘audit’ their leader [TweetMe]. They must have my unwavering support at all times, confident in the fact that when I disagree with them, it is to build them not destroy their psyche.

“You’re off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so… get on your way!” Dr Seuss.

Are you building CRAFT into your leadership? Please leave a comment below…

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  • I define craft as a set of skills that you hone to make your own. So within that definition, leadership is most certainly a craft. As leaders we are constantly honing the way we lead, and not two of us does it the same way.

  • Hi Kimunya

    I really enjoyed your post and, in answer to your question, my view would be that leadership is many things ~ an art, a science, a craft …and a state of being.

    It is in the state of being, as with those other descriptions I gave above, that the opportunity to learn, to share, to grow, to refine, to hone and to continuously improve that the real power lies … and all great leaders do this, just as you do my friend!

    A very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year!

    • John, your insight is very enriching and encouraging. Thank you for your support through the year. My friend, may you find joy this Christmas season, and your boundaries extend in the coming year.

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