3 Attitudes of Leaders Who Give

medium_1432251717Giving is an attitude. Nothing more, nothing less… I struggled with this idea for a long time. My thinking was that as long as I gave something away (time, money, whatever), that was it. However, I still felt unfulfilled. Something was not right.

“The amount does not mean generosity. It is sacrifice that does.” Noel Owour. [TweetMe]

As I was struggling with this, my answer came in from the most unexpected source. Yesterday, our son shared with my wife that stopped me dead in my tracks. He had just woken up and was chatting with my her as he does every other day.

“You know what mommy,” he announced. “My sisters and I have decided we’ll not buy any more sweets. We are on a mission!”

My wife was completely puzzled by this new status update. You and I can vividly remember how crazily important candy was to our existence as kids. We would do anything to get our hands on sweets and chocolate and anything sugary. After a few more minutes of animated banter, he finally spilled the beans.

“We are saving the money to pay for an overseas holiday for you and daddy,” he proudly said.

I was chastised! Their action helped me realize how corrupt and moribund my motivation for giving can become. How many times is my focus be on the action of giving rather than the person I am giving to? This realization was my ticket out of my selfishness.

The more I thought about giving, the more these three things kept on bouncing off in my mind: that giving is driven by being purposeful, planning deliberately, and having the right posture. [TweetMe]


Leaders who have an attitude of giving purposefully uplift those in need, confusion or struggle. They remain steadfast in their giving regardless of the context they find themselves in. Giving is embedded in their DNA.

As you learn and continue to give to others, your heart shouldn’t be anxious. This is an internal satisfaction hat doesn’t require external validation. Giving isn’t about ‘keeping up with the Jones’. Giving sacrificially should cause me to dig deep into my heart. It ceases to be a process and becomes a cause [TweetMe].


Be thankful of the partnerships and relationships that I have been given custody. Leaders are careful to carefully and purposeful share their gifts with care and gratitude. Not boasting of how good they are or place themselves on a pedestal above others.

One way I will grow as an exponential leader is when I strive to profit others with my time, gifting and empathy [TweetMe]. This is when I choose to walk with them in their growth!


Leaders give from a place of sacrifice and service. Giving is an act of fullness and not withholding parts of the whole. These leaders don’t depend on the abundance of their riches, skills or future implications on themselves. They give because they have an urgent need to serve.

The right posture of giving leads to a passionate connection and engagement with others [TweetMe]. If I give so that it gives me happiness, that’s where it ends. It doesn’t connect with others but my own selfish self.

What sweets do you need to give up? Please share your thoughts below.
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