Do You Have A Hero?

Today I begin a short thought series (#LBC_Think) that will run every Monday. Think of this as your boost for the week ahead!

Twentieth of October is Heroes’ Day’ in Kenya. It is a fitting day to begin this new series. Also referred to as Mashujaa Day, it is a celebration to collectively honor all those who contributed towards the struggle for Kenya’s independence.

Many other nations have there own Heroes’ Day. In Sri Lanka, 28th November is the day they remember the 1819 Kandyan rebellion against the British invasion. In 2014, it will be the 196th commemoration! The United Kingdom will on 21st October mark her 3rd National Heroes Day.

Whether we like it or not, we all have personal heroes who have influenced us in one way or another. They have helped to shape our thinking, actions and behavior. You will be amazed how much impact they have on your life, career or business.

My challenge today is: Think of four people who are your personal heroes. Over the next four weeks, pick one of your heroes and write down how they have influenced your life. My four heroes are my dear mother, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela and Joseph Okema.

If you haven’t thought of this, I encourage you to take about fifteen minutes and consciously identify some of your lifetime heroes.

Who are your four heroes? Click here and in one or two sentences, share how they inspire you in the comments below. 

photo credit: Alex Jilitsky via photopin cc

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