Into The Wilderness

#LBC_Think is my thought series to help you kick-start your week. Every Monday morning, fix your favorite cup of coffee, tea or cocoa and enjoy your weekly nugget.

For the majority of us, starting a new week is like a journey into the wild. You have carefully crafted plans and goals. There are targets and deadlines to meet. Then life happens. You get a punch in the stomach that leaves you winded or wounded.

Thinking of this took me back to an episode of ‘Survivorman’ featuring Les Stroud. He was on a one-night camping trip with only food rations for one dinner and one breakfast. Then he gets ‘lost’. He has to figure out how to survive for seven days.

Les dug into his ‘bag’ of survival skills. He identified wild lettuce (nutrition and moisture), trapped squirrels for meat, and carried fire in a soldering bundle. Although he had carefully planned his one-nighter, things changed. What saved him was that he prepared both mentally and physically to face the challenges.

Unlike Les, sometimes we get into our week without preparing for it. For the most part, the preparation required is in the mind. However, we get so caught up in the fun or overindulgence of the weekend. Come Sunday evening or Monday morning, we are utterly lost.

If you are going through hell, keep going.” ~Winston Churchill.

The following practical steps may help you to redeem your week. Don’t settle. Practice them diligently and add other great steps to the list as you grow.

  1. Anticipate – It’s not enough to plan, think of likely changes and envision how you will tackle them. Life isn’t linear. Most of the time, it is like a web of entangled spaghetti. Have faith in your capacity to adapt. If you think you don’t have a strong enough will to succeed, bring someone you trust on board to keep you accountable.
  2. Meditate – Take time to pray about your week or whatever other practice that helps you to focus. Prayer and meditating also helps me to calm my mind, body and spirit. It is like my compass that helps me to navigate life’s wins and losses.
  3. Share – Make a deliberate effort to give something useful and meaningful to at least one person every week. It could be some time with someone who needs a shoulder to lean on. It might be some food, cloths or shelter. Whatever it is, share.

Feeling like you are in the wilderness? Click here and share how the three steps will help you, or what other steps you would add, in the comments below.

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