Leaders Create a Stained Glass Experience

I am excited to host Chip R. Bell’s guest blog. Chip is a renowned keynote speaker and best-selling author. His newest book, Sprinkles: Creating Awesome Experiences Through Innovative Service, is available on Amazon. Find more resources on Sprinkles or connect with Chip.

My son and his fiancé elected to get married in a large antique church in mid-town Atlanta. Their choice of church was driven in part by the magnificent stained glass windows in the sanctuary. Just at the “I do” part of their late afternoon ceremony, the setting sun suddenly showered through one giant stained glass window sending a mosaic of bright colors over the wedding party. It took our breath away!

What if customer service was like a stained glass window? It would mean service that is arched, not a plain square or rectangle. It would be distinctive and very colorful. It would be handmade and special, not cookie cutter like an ordinary window. And, it would create a story-to-tell in the memory of the recipient.

Service with sprinkles is like a stained glass experience to customers. It lightens up their day, it surprise them with compelling artistry, and it decidedly unique and unexpected

Bottom line – this book is about your bottom line. Customers today crave special and unique. They are not only tired of ho-hum, they are bored with the ‘pretty-good-but-nothing-to-write-home-about’ kind of service. When a large brokerage firm decided to have fun with their phone tree by adding ‘punch 8 to hear a duck quack.’ they were stunned when over a million people a week called just to hear the duck. The punch line? Customers want service à la mode. They gravitate toward people with spirit, organizations with imagination, and leaders with spunk. They want their service experiences delivered with sprinkles.” ~Chip R. Bell

How are you bringing a stained glass experience to your customers? Click here and share a memorable service experience you’ve had.

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