The Undisciplined Pursuit Of More

When you forget your Why, your brand reputation suffers...

Consider this. You are a dominant market leader worth millions of dollars. There are opportunities to grow – and diversify – your market.

Don't try harder

However, there is one major blot on your otherwise dominance in the market. Customers desperately cry out to you to deliver your promise.

I have been a customer of a leading telecom for over a decade. The last 3 years have been the worst in terms of quality; from their products to customer service.

Don’t get me started on dropped and static-laden calls that are the order of the day. I have to go upstairs to get a decent signal. On countless occasions, I have had to tell my callers, “Please let me text you!”

With the call quality worse than a two-way radio, I could only hear half of what they were trying to communicate to me.

A quick common-sense check: it is time to move from the ice-age.

When you forget your WHY – the purpose for which you exist – your reputation will be significantly dented. I believe this telecom has shifted its focus to market dominance and forgotten its promise.

In its undisciplined pursuit of more, the focus is more on a bloated bottom-line. There is nothing wrong with a healthy bottom-line. But a brand still needs to have a sharp focus its top-line. These are the people who have chosen to res its promise:

“We [Safaricom] want to show Kenyans, that we are their biggest supporters! They have the big ideas and we have the platform to drive them forward. Together, we can take Kenya to the next level.”

1. Leverage your access

We are in a space where it has become ridiculously easy to directly access  customers. Despite my effort to provide feedback, there seems no hope in sight.

And all that is needed is three words: “Just ask us!” There is social media,  Survey Monkey, short messaging service… just to name a few channels. The company shouldn’t waste resources on independent auditors who need to earn their keep. It is possible to get the same information for free. Stop, take a deep breath, and listen.

2. Don’t give others an opportunity to bash you

According to the national communication regulator, the telecom’s Quality of Service is below the set standard for quality of service. We can argue report’s credibility until the chicken come home to roost.

The data that most matters is from the service recipients. They are the critical cog to the success or demise of any organization or leader. Treat them well, care for them, let them know they matter. The bottom-line will take care of itself.

3. System upgrade isn’t equivalent to quality

Character defines any leader worth their weight in salt. This character drives culture, which then determines service. The pursuit of more systems, bigger upgrades, larger budgets can’t build character. They can help.

But without the right culture, the only thing that props up the company are the limitations of its competition. Leadership is ensuring that the company’s character permeates all levels. From customer service to delivery of services or products.

“The undisciplined pursuit of more is how the mighty fall.” ~ Jim Collins

If you are to drive big ideas, involve your followers. Give them a reason to grow with you, not to just endure through your presence. Stop and listen…

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