How One Frontier Is Inspiring A Revolution

Bringing digital learning into any classroom

It all started with a seemingly innocuous statement, “It can’t be done, not in Africa.” That has inspired an innovation that will change access to online content and education across Africa and the world.

How One Frontier Is Inspiring A Revolution

I was at the launch of the visionary BRCK Education. It provides a holistic education technology solution that turns every classroom into a digital classroom.

And wait for the kicker… BRCK Education is designed and engineered in Nairobi Kenya for African infrastructure and internet needs.

BRCK Education evolved off a solution to provide rugged internet. BRCK is a mobile WiFi device that can go anywhere, do anything and is self-powered. All you have to do is insert a 3G data enabled SIM card in over 140 countries and broadcast a WiFi signal that you can share. Just like that!

At the end of the launch event, Philip Walton, Chief Operating Officer BRCK, asked what I thought of BRCK Education. “Goosebumps!” was all I could say. I was super-excited at the prospects this innovation offered.

The deep sense of leadership and commitment that were on offer inspired me. And here are the reasons why…

Have faith in what you do

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Faith is that space that you find yourself that begs to respond to the unknown. It is taking a leap where others fear to tread. And that is exactly what BRCK Education has done.

“When you say it can’t be done to someone BRCK what they hear is ‘How soon can we deliver it?’” said Brian Gonzales, Director, Global Education Sales Programs at Intel Corporation. With this can do attitude, BRCK Education is illuminating to us evidence of things hoped of for education and beyond.

Focus on the need

Offer of yourself to grow community. Don’t wait for an invitation, just do it! From a simple idea in Kenya, BRCK, and now BRCK Education, is now influencing digital education around the world.

The desire to serve a real need led to the creation of the KioKIT. This is BRCK Education’s solution that comprises of 40 Kio tablets, 40 custom headphones, one BRCK, wireless tablet charging, single plug to power the whole kit. And all this comes in a hardened, water-resistant and lockable case.

That is a whole new world opened up for at least 40 children at any given time. The KioKit can work on a single charge for up to 8 hours. My humble estimation is that one kit can serve up to 320 children per day working on 1-hour slots!

Solutions are with us

We need to activate our faith in what can be done. Taking action is what innovation is all about. Most times, fear of failure is what holds us back. We only need ask ourselves the right questions and be honest and diligent enough to seek the answers.

“How do we get educational content on a digital format and get it to low-income areas?” asks Nivi Mukherjee, President BRCK Education. Such are the questions that force us to look around, dig within and seek credible partners.

What keeps you going isn’t limited by your ability. It must be inspired by a goal greater than yourself. Win with others.

Leaders… will be explorers, adventurers, trailblazers… leaders of leaders… They will gather around them people who have the future in their bones.” ~Rowan Gibson

BRCK Education is taking leadership to another paradigm all together. You don’t need a grand position to make meaningful change. All you need is the right mindset and the will to conquer.

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photo: BRCK

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