Living Your Life Alive

How to start living with focus

Life is precious. You want to make a mad grasp of every whiff of it that passes by you. But the hustle of everyday busyness gets in your way. Up and down you run, only to drop dead tired on your bed at the end of the day. And the cycle repeats itself the following day, and the next one, and another one.

A Life Alive

In public, you are morbidly ashamed that you have failed to pursue your life. For you know all too well that your discovery of that calling is explosive. However, your struggle is to kick off or to take that critical first step. Fear grips at you like a freezing icicle in the dead of winter. Your focus is how to handle that explosion.

Your life is as valuable as the depth of the knowledge of your calling. What is it? Where can it be found? Where do I start? These are the fundamental questions that freeze you in space. For the challenge lies in a precise exploration of your heart.

An unexplored life isn’t one worth living.”

What is it?

Your purpose, your calling and the reason you breath encapsulate your life. That explosion is way out of your comfort zone. It the space within you where magic happens! This is where you explore, dream and desire. The boy in you digs up worms and fishes for tadpoles, while the girl twirls around her flowing skirt with a twinkle in your eye.

True life is exponential when you head out to discover what is possible without fear or inhibition.

Where can it be found?

Well, life is found in the deep recesses of your heart. Where life beats with reckless abandon. This is a space where you flow without reservation. Actually, it is a sacred place where you are peace with what yourself. And because of this authenticity, other people become attracted to you.

The reason it happens is because you are doing you regardless of all the noise and distraction around you. It is when you begin to live the reason of your creation.

Where do I start?

Think of that thing that makes your skin crawl with goosebumps. That thing that makes the hairs at the back of your neck crawl to life. It might be what keeps you awake at night. Every time you think of it, your stomach churns in anticipation or fear. As much as it makes you uncomfortable, you secretly want it.

Write down the first word that comes to mind every morning. Then go do it. You will find everything you do wrapping itself around it. As a person thinks, so they are.

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