Building A Team That Matters – Part 1

10 Critical Principles For Successful Teams

Team-building is a disruptive process for everyone involved. However, this does not mean that it should be a painful experience.

Building A Team That Matters - Part 1

Over the last few months, I have agonized over why I can’t seem to get up to speed with growing my business. Despite some good business prospects, growth feels stifled. The more I think about it, I realize that it is time to build a team. To grow, something has to shift.

I read this from a friend’s story: “Two guys were walking from the farm and one of them fell into a deep pit. His friend tried to help him to come out but he failed. ‘Let me quickly go and look for a rope,’ the friend said. As he was coming back, he saw his friend already out of the pit and staring into the pit. He asked him how he managed to come out. ‘A snake fell into the pit!’ he replied.”

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The Pursuit of Purpose

Here are your first 3 key components

There they were… 220 expectant eyes. Like laser beams, they locked on us. “Who I’m I?” This was the topic my wife and I were to speak on. And we had less than two hours.

The Pursuit of Purpose

It was a meeting with young adults. Their anticipation was palpable. They all seemed keen to unveil their identity. After the talk, some held us back for one-on-one conversation with us. Yet, others sent us detailed email messages about their struggle with identity. All this transported me back to a treasured memory…

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Unsettled – My Manifesto

Get busy living or get busy dying

Frustrated and unmotivated, I knew there was something greater my life had to offer.

Unsettled - My Manifesto

But I felt stuck, like trying to walk in a sea of thick mud. My life was like a square peg being hammered into round hole. I wanted to thrive but this animal-in-a-cage mentality held in a vice-grip. I ran fast, but to nowhere.

These three thoughts plagued my mind in the dead of the night. Waking up in a cold sweat, they resounded above the chirping crickets and barking dogs:

  • I need a break!
  • I desire joy.
  • I can’t merely exist.

Shackled between my ears

I had heard this many times, “When life gives you a lemon, make lemonade!” Well, I got fed up with the lemonade business. I felt an urgency to see a break in the ominous grey clouds that hang over my head.

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4 Ways To Grow Your Social Brand

Getting real beyond just media

The phone rings but I don’t recognize the caller ID. But I pick the call anyway. It could be a prospective client. “Hello, I’m I speaking to Mr. Kimunya?” the caller asks in a not-very-confident voice.

4 Ways To Grow Your Social Brand

This garage is trying to sell me an oil change and an oil filter for my car. The last time I used their services is months ago. I had gone in for an electronic wheel alignment.

I service my car every 5,000 kilometers per the manufacturer’s specifications. New oil, oil filter, spark plugs, air filter, brake alignment, and general inspection! For this, my regular mechanic’s cost is just a bit over what this garage is proposing.

At the eight-minute mark, it finally dawns on the caller that I am not interested in the service. Not to mention that I had indicated this two minutes into the call. Then, he makes me aware of their free vehicle check-up. I am at the end of my patience by this time!

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How One Frontier Is Inspiring A Revolution

Bringing digital learning into any classroom

It all started with a seemingly innocuous statement, “It can’t be done, not in Africa.” That has inspired an innovation that will change access to online content and education across Africa and the world.

How One Frontier Is Inspiring A Revolution

I was at the launch of the visionary BRCK Education. It provides a holistic education technology solution that turns every classroom into a digital classroom.

And wait for the kicker… BRCK Education is designed and engineered in Nairobi Kenya for African infrastructure and internet needs.

BRCK Education evolved off a solution to provide rugged internet. BRCK is a mobile WiFi device that can go anywhere, do anything and is self-powered. All you have to do is insert a 3G data enabled SIM card in over 140 countries and broadcast a WiFi signal that you can share. Just like that!

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Top 3 Reasons Why Your Story Matters

Stories are powerful catalysts to life

It’s amazing how stories have the power to revise the course of our lives. But why do stories captivate our minds, leave our hearts pounding and enchant euphoric emotions?

Our perceptions and actions are influenced by the stories we live. And even more profound and longer-lasting are the stories we chose to share.

It is because narratives that happen at a personal level influence my potential to lead. They are powerful catalysts to my ability to be the change that I want to see in others. Stories act as a diving board to a deeper meaning of my life or my launch pad to the greatness I am meant to live.

One of my annual goals is to keep my fitness and health in check. I even purchased a mountain bike. However, I kept on telling myself that I need to ease into basic fitness first before I could begin my riding program. Six months later, I hadn’t made any progress! All because I made excuses of lack of time to justify my laziness. These excuses became the story of my life.

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The Undisciplined Pursuit Of More

When you forget your Why, your brand reputation suffers...

Consider this. You are a dominant market leader worth millions of dollars. There are opportunities to grow – and diversify – your market.

Don't try harder

However, there is one major blot on your otherwise dominance in the market. Customers desperately cry out to you to deliver your promise.

I have been a customer of a leading telecom for over a decade. The last 3 years have been the worst in terms of quality; from their products to customer service.

Don’t get me started on dropped and static-laden calls that are the order of the day. I have to go upstairs to get a decent signal. On countless occasions, I have had to tell my callers, “Please let me text you!”

With the call quality worse than a two-way radio, I could only hear half of what they were trying to communicate to me.

A quick common-sense check: it is time to move from the ice-age.

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Why Your Brand Determines Your Leadership

Branding Is Much Deeper Than Mere Visibility

It was a morning that would change everything for Dr. Richard Mayoyo. “Bang! Bang!” Two gunshots rang out. He’d been shot!

Brand Ojectives

Dr. Mayoyo was driving his blue Volkswagen Jetta on a Johannesburg road in South Africa. He had just dropped off his seven-year old son at school for an athletics event.

Growing up, Dr. Mayoyo had a gruelling childhood. His father left them when he was two. At nine, his mother died in a road accident. He would experience death again at 17. As he visited a friend in hospital, a woman in the next bed stopped crying… and died. One of the attending doctors said, “She didn’t have any money anyway.”

His life’s goal was born there and then. He would become a doctor. His objective… to provide an answer such suffering for poor people. He scraped through with a tiny government bursary, hard work and a dream. Seven years later, he earned a place as a neurosurgery registrar at Johannesburg General Hospital.

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Is Your Brand Primed For Success?

Trying to make sense of the brand-leadership continuum

The air is thick with dust in the sweltering heat. The cattle are in a state of a controlled panic. Confused mooing adds to the organized chaos.


In the corner of the kraal, a fire heats the branding irons to red-hot. In the meantime, a cowboy has wrestled a steer to the ground. He reaches out for one branding irons.

With a sizzle, the fur and skin get a permanent mark. Upon release, the pain propels the steer into a full gallop. The steer has a brand for life! Its ownership becomes indisputable.

“Is your brand primed for success?” This question has persisted in my mind the last couple of weeks. I felt inspired into a critical re-think of my brand strategy and action. It also provides you with an opportunity to engage with the question too.

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Why You Need A Personal Board

One constant follows us regardless of our race, residence, wealth or belief. Every day you wake up, one day has gone by. It is a privilege to grow a little older. But it is also a major responsibility.

This made me think hard of what Oscar Wilde said: “With age comes wisdom, but sometimes age comes alone”. My mind went wild with all manner of scenarios. One area that I have pondered over time and again is having what I call my ‘Personal Board of Directors’.

As I was thinking about my personal growth, it occurred to me that I have been barking up the worn tree. My goal should have been to focus on the qualities I want to have instead of the people I think should constitute the board! It is about purposeful accountability.

Let us now look at the five key qualities that I have been working to get in my board. They are boldness, optimism, awareness, real, and diligent…

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