Design Mind-shift

Take Charge of Your Designs Using Canva

Canva is an online tool I use to make designs for my blog posts, social media, etc. It saves me tons of design time.

During Jeff GoinsBlog Like a Pro 7-Day Challenge, a number of people showed interest in getting more out of Canva.

If you are looking to get better results for your design projects, then this is a handy tutorial. It is a simple ste-by-step and you don’t even have to be a designer to use it.

And here are some additional resources for you stock image needs:

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“I Face My Guilt!” – Economic Hit Man

Owning up takes more than courage

I am privileged to bring guest post by John Perkins. He was Chief Economist at a major international consulting firm where he advised the World Bank, United Nations, the IMF, U.S. Treasury Department, Fortune 500 corporations, and governments in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. Since then, his books have sold more than 1 million copies and been printed in over 30 languages. His new book, The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, is on Amazon.

It has been nearly twelve years since the release of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.

The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

People have wondered how the publication of that book has affected me and what I am doing to redeem myself and change the EHM system. They have also questioned what they can do to help turn the system around. The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man is my answer.

After the release of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, I still wrestled with my guilt, with all the things I had done that had helped promote the corporatocracy and their march toward world domination.

I knew of U.S. led conspiracies – in Venezuela, in Iraq, and all throughout the Middle East and Africa. When I was forced to consider my mortality and reflect upon my life, I began to accept what I had done and why I had done it. I hope you enjoy this short glimpse into chapter 34 of the book and the events that became my confessions.

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Worry No More!

4 Steps to Stop Worrying and Start Living

At the end of this post, you can watch my interview with Bruce Van Horn, bestselling author of  “Worry No More! 4 Steps to Stop Worrying and Start Living”. There is an audio version for you too!

It felt like the longest drive I have taken in my life. Yet it was only 160 kilometers long.

Anxiety plagued my mind. I was going home for the first time in a decade! That is how long it had been since I had last seen my dad.

The fact that my children had never set foot in the where house I grew up compounded my worry. They too had never met their grand-father. How would the meeting unfold?

When I informed my wife of my decision to reconnect with my dad, even she was astounded. She understood the pain that this separation had caused. Her response just compounded my worry of this whole experience going south on me.

But on Fathers Day, my family and I hit the road. I had to confront my fear and worry. It was time to wrestle with my fate. A time of renewal.

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Why Your Brand Determines Your Leadership

Branding Is Much Deeper Than Mere Visibility

It was a morning that would change everything for Dr. Richard Mayoyo. “Bang! Bang!” Two gunshots rang out. He’d been shot!

Brand Ojectives

Dr. Mayoyo was driving his blue Volkswagen Jetta on a Johannesburg road in South Africa. He had just dropped off his seven-year old son at school for an athletics event.

Growing up, Dr. Mayoyo had a gruelling childhood. His father left them when he was two. At nine, his mother died in a road accident. He would experience death again at 17. As he visited a friend in hospital, a woman in the next bed stopped crying… and died. One of the attending doctors said, “She didn’t have any money anyway.”

His life’s goal was born there and then. He would become a doctor. His objective… to provide an answer such suffering for poor people. He scraped through with a tiny government bursary, hard work and a dream. Seven years later, he earned a place as a neurosurgery registrar at Johannesburg General Hospital.

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Is Your Brand Primed For Success?

Trying to make sense of the brand-leadership continuum

The air is thick with dust in the sweltering heat. The cattle are in a state of a controlled panic. Confused mooing adds to the organized chaos.


In the corner of the kraal, a fire heats the branding irons to red-hot. In the meantime, a cowboy has wrestled a steer to the ground. He reaches out for one branding irons.

With a sizzle, the fur and skin get a permanent mark. Upon release, the pain propels the steer into a full gallop. The steer has a brand for life! Its ownership becomes indisputable.

“Is your brand primed for success?” This question has persisted in my mind the last couple of weeks. I felt inspired into a critical re-think of my brand strategy and action. It also provides you with an opportunity to engage with the question too.

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Leadership Growth Isn’t Rocket Science

3 Perspectives From Leadership With Kids

One question is currently reverberating in our household. “Daddy, can I help you?” This question is repeated by one of our three kids at least once a day.


At first, it would irritate me. The timing isn’t always convenient. Like yesterday. I was in the middle of a small construction project. At hand, I had both power and hand tools. Not the best combination especially with kids around.

Darkness was approaching and the skies were grey with heavy clouds. Time was running out, the last thing I wanted was an interruption.

When you run your own business, each minute you can invest in it is valuable. It is easy to take on a return-on-investment approach. Any deviation can determine whether you get paid or not.

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Leadership Is Until The Whistle Blows

5 Leadership Lessons From A Mountain Bike Trail

The morning was chilly and cloudy as my seven-year old son and I set out on an adventure. We were off to a father-son event out in the forest. And for me, it was time to take my leadership and mentoring a notch higher.

5 Leadership Lessons From A Mountain Bike Trail

At the staging area, there were trampolines, slides, obstacle races, and great music. But our attraction was to ride our mountain bikes into the forest. My son had made it very clear that it had to be done.

I had been to this particular forest many times before. We had walked the trails with family and friends. In my mind, our bike ride was going to be a walk in the park. And the first leg was exactly that.

We accompanied our under-12’s on a four-kilometer ride. When we got back to the staging area, I was in for a big surprise. The adults were to race on a real mountain bike trail!

In our briefing, we were warned to ride carefully. There were twists, turns, and some rough sections. This wasn’t what I had signed up for! I just wanted to hang out with my son for some easy Saturday morning fun.

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Why Crisis Can Be Good For You!

Crisis is good. It stirs up the spirit and awakens the moribund. Crisis offers an opportunity to ask questions.

Why Crisis Can Be Good For You!

But a crisis doesn’t just emerge out of nothing. It rarely just shows up. By definition, a crisis is a time of intense difficulty or danger or when a difficult or important decision must be made.

In other words, crises are just the tipping point of something that had been building up. A crisis is the outcome of procrastination and negligence. It occurs when we ignore, overlook or fail to take notice of the symptoms leading to the crisis..

It is very easy to ignore procrastination and laziness. The problem is that we just don’t realize the effects until it is too late.

In Habits & Time – Make Them Count In 3 Steps, I mentioned how procrastination derailed me from my goals. It caused friction in some relationships. That specific crisis helped me to deal with deeper issues within me.

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Habits & Time – Make Yours Count In 3 Steps

If I don’t deliberately plan my habits and time well, toxic patterns emerge. Eventually, I will implode. Terrible mistakes become inevitable.


The habits we adopt govern our leadership. It is easy to gain weight. All it takes is to sit, eat whatever comes your way and sleep less. Losing that weight, on the other hand, is a painful process. You have to contend with an exercise regimen, carefully monitored diet, and serious discipline.

Slip up and you shape out pretty fast! Laziness is the path of least resistance. It takes you to destinations you don’t want to explore.

In reality, my goals are my life-line. I had developed a decent rhythm on my weekly goals. However, there is always something competing for that goal-setting time.

Detailing those goals became “tedious”. I was approaching it as an unpleasant but necessary task. They became unpleasant when I began to slide back into procrastination.

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Is Limited Time Liberating?

There I was, a strong-headed young man. I was just 24-year-old and on my first job. My earning, before taxes, was a measly $200! And there was a problem.

Our office was about ten kilometers from town. My commute involved taking two buses to and from work. It also meant that I spent about 20% of my meager earnings on the road.

There was a possibility to cut my spending by half. And that was a big motivator too! But our boss at the time would not hear of us clocking out 30 minutes early. This would give us the opportunity to use  the courtesy bus into town.

His argument was that our workday was eight hours long with one-hour lunch break. However, we were willing to forgo 30 minutes of our lunch break. But he would hear none of it!

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