“I Face My Guilt!” – Economic Hit Man

Owning up takes more than courage

I am privileged to bring guest post by John Perkins. He was Chief Economist at a major international consulting firm where he advised the World Bank, United Nations, the IMF, U.S. Treasury Department, Fortune 500 corporations, and governments in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. Since then, his books have sold more than 1 million copies and been printed in over 30 languages. His new book, The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, is on Amazon.

It has been nearly twelve years since the release of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.

The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

People have wondered how the publication of that book has affected me and what I am doing to redeem myself and change the EHM system. They have also questioned what they can do to help turn the system around. The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man is my answer.

After the release of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, I still wrestled with my guilt, with all the things I had done that had helped promote the corporatocracy and their march toward world domination.

I knew of U.S. led conspiracies – in Venezuela, in Iraq, and all throughout the Middle East and Africa. When I was forced to consider my mortality and reflect upon my life, I began to accept what I had done and why I had done it. I hope you enjoy this short glimpse into chapter 34 of the book and the events that became my confessions.

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Why I Love Risk (And You Should Too!)

Are you willing to jump?

When Steve Harvey starts to speak, laughter is around the corner. However, this versatile TV host has spent a few weeks as a laughing-stock.

Why I Love Risk (And You Should Too!)

His sin? Steve had announced the wrong winner of the 2015 Miss Universe. But that is not the gist of today’s post. This event reminded me of Steve’s video from 2014: “You gotta jump to be successful”.

As Steve says, your gift is like a parachute. But parachutes don’t work unless you jump. How far you soar depends on your willingness to risk that first jump.

His message provided for deep reflection for me. I thought and agonized about the year ahead. “What do I need to do different?” I asked myself. It isn’t just about setting goals. I need to make sure I get them done too. Otherwise, I’m toast!

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Groupthink & Its 7 Dwarfs

Does ganging up break you more than build you?

Groupthink comes at a cost. What’s right is sacrificed at the altar of conformity. Groupthink is a limits growth, innovation or alternative opportunities.

Groupthink & Its 7 Dwarfs

According to businessdictionary.com, groupthink is the tendency of the members of a group to yield to the desire for consensus or unanimity at the cost of considering alternative courses of action. Groupthink is said to be the reason why intelligent and knowledgeable people make disastrous decisions.

Some twenty men found themselves in a fix. There was political unrest in their country. People were tired of a one-party rule and were yearning for democracy. As is the case during such transitions, street demonstrations easily shifted into confrontations with the riot police.

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Lessons Of The Year

Why 2015 was my watershed year

To know goodness needs just a taste. Greatness, on the other hand, requires a mastery and a willing soul.

Year That Was

Consider the katana, a Samurai’s sword. It is a confluence of strength, finesse, and deadly artistry. In the right hands, the katana will cut through bone as easily as a razor blade on paper. But what keeps this millennium-old weapon so treasured?

The answer lies in the purest of steel in the hands of highly skilled smelters, smiths, sword blade polishers, and carpenters. To create one katana takes 15 men nearly six months. It is a tedious, patient and meticulous process.

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What Is Life?

Finding perspective in slow motion

It is 7:20 AM. I have just cleared a climb and shifted my gears. As I gather speed, my bike chain hums. The 50 km ride ahead of me has my heart singing. Then… “Ka-thump!”

What Is Life?

I lie across a bonnet [hood] staring at a windshield. My feet still entangled in the pedal straps, I instinctively make an inventory of my body parts.

There is no pain and in an instant, I am back on my feet. I am angry! “Why did you have to join the road so carelessly?” I ask the driver when she finally rolls down her window.

“I am so sorry,” she says. “Are you hurt?” She keeps on asking me.

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Why Patience Is Pivotal In Leadership

5 reasons leaders must practice patience

Put your hand up if you don’t mind getting stuck in traffic. Where I live, traffic snarl-ups can be legendary! My patience is tested at every turn.

Patience Pivotal In Leadership

Depending on the time of day, a 10-kilometer run takes fifteen minutes or two to four hours. If it rains, roll out the cameras. The same trip transforms into an epic. But more disturbing narrative is the abhorring behavior of some drivers.

They try to get ahead by all means possible. Some drive on sidewalks or overlap straight into oncoming traffic. The worst kind merge into an already busy intersection, with nowhere to go!

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4 Leadership Myths Debunked

Is leadership what some make it to seem?

There is a misconception that leadership is about being strong, brash and indomitable. It is confidence, and above all, right of access anything they want.

4 Leadership Myths Debunked

Right out of college, I worked for a very difficult boss. I couldn’t wait for my workday to end. He would have fits of anger and spurts of cynicism.

My heart would skip a beat every time he would walk into my office. Being around him was like walking on eggshells. It was miserable! This is the season I wrote more job applications than I can remember.

But working with him was an invaluable experience for me. It taught me a lot about leadership. Here are the four key lessons from this experience.

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5 Pointers Why A Name Is A Lighthouse

Leadership is beyond a position

I sit and ponder on this we call life. What does it mean to live? Why are we alive?

5 Pointers Why A Name Is A Lighthouse

Over the years, I have never tired of watching and reading of great men and women in sports. I scour the internet for clips of their art. Those moments inspire  and stir me up to think of what is possible.

One characteristic endures in my heroes. It isn’t just their talent but something they exude from deep inside them. That is humility. Despite their fame and fortune, they remain humble and firmly grounded. They live from the inside and influence their environment.

It was early in the morning. I silently read and re-read the passing on of Jonah Lomu. His life’s clock stopped at 40. I am 40. He was once described as rugby’s version of Muhammad Ali, a heavyweight with global reach.

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4 Ways To Grow Your Social Brand

Getting real beyond just media

The phone rings but I don’t recognize the caller ID. But I pick the call anyway. It could be a prospective client. “Hello, I’m I speaking to Mr. Kimunya?” the caller asks in a not-very-confident voice.

4 Ways To Grow Your Social Brand

This garage is trying to sell me an oil change and an oil filter for my car. The last time I used their services is months ago. I had gone in for an electronic wheel alignment.

I service my car every 5,000 kilometers per the manufacturer’s specifications. New oil, oil filter, spark plugs, air filter, brake alignment, and general inspection! For this, my regular mechanic’s cost is just a bit over what this garage is proposing.

At the eight-minute mark, it finally dawns on the caller that I am not interested in the service. Not to mention that I had indicated this two minutes into the call. Then, he makes me aware of their free vehicle check-up. I am at the end of my patience by this time!

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