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Need to build your leadership muscle?


  • Are you tired of trying to lead but people just won’t take you seriously?
  • Do you feel like your staff are on a treadmill?
  • Does your team focus more on compliance to processes than commitment to the business?

You’ve tried every team building program that’s come along. You’ve started and stopped a dozen different training programs, but the truth is you just can’t seem to take shake off the lethargy.

You feel like no matter what you try, your shot at leadership just isn’t working!

Worry no more! Let me introduce you to an experience that transformed the way I think, what I do, who I engage with, and why I exist. It is the same process that inspired me to quit my day job to build my dream.

You see, LEADERSHIP SAFARI is a unique approach to leadership. Why? Because we engage with leadership as a lifestyle, not as a function.

Take a moment and close your eyes. Think about your career, industry and your market share. Do your customers know you care for them? Do you know that your teams have fully embraced your leadership and brand?

The difference between your desired vs. present state is costing you traction in the marketplace. And it is hurting your bottom line. It reduces your chances of taking your career to the next level.

LEADERSHIP SAFARI focuses on authentic living. It works in the C-Suite as well as it does if you are just launching your career, or you are a parent who wants to build a family that enshrines strong values.

Does Leadership Safari really work?

Let me share with you two real-life stories…

One CEO – and frustrated business owner – was in a deep crisis. His team was falling apart and morale was rock-bottom. On the edge of bankruptcy and his family’s faith in him fading, he decided to try out Leadership Safari. It was his last-ditch to save the company he founded.

Or the case of one department in a faith-based organization. Staff relations were tense and frazzled. Performance had been relegated to purely a functional level. Although he had a vision, it was not clear to his new team. The department was under pressure as their outcomes were dismal. The choice to engage with Leadership Safari was out of a sheer desperation to survive.

Within two months of enrolling to Leadership Safari, the CEO identified where he and the organization were going wrong. It had to do with clarity of vision, solid values, and practical goals. Going through Leadership Safari enabled this CEO to put in place an effective succession plan. He now had the mindset to empower his team, take a step back, and explore other ventures to grow the business.

For the departmental head, the biggest change was in his team. A culture transformation began with his team taking more ownership of the vision. They began to innovate and think differently on how to engage with their audience. There was tangible relief from the tension of the uncertainty that had existed before. A shift in the mindset of the leader catalyzed significant and authentic growth in the team.

What exactly will you get?

LEADERSHIP SAFARI is your 6 modules online course. I have carefully packaged 18 practical lessons. Each lesson has a worksheet and practical cases for your reference. These lessons will help you, your team or even family members to navigate through deliberate steps to become authentic leaders. It will challenge how you think, what you do, who you engage with, and why you exist (personally and within the business).


And you can follow one of three tracks. Track 1 is the self-guided Standard Edition. Leadership Safari has partnered with Institute of Leadership & Management (UK) and BMITA Group for Track 2. This strategic partnership offers you the opportunity of an independent certificate that you can add to your portfolio.

Track 3 is the Enterprise Edition. In addition to the online course and ILM certificate, you get 3 live coaching sessions with me. This track is best suited for individuals who are serious about staying accountable and for teams.

These help each team member to crystallize their personal vision. We then work together to see how best those visions focus on goals for outcomes to amplify your organization’s vision.

And there is the added motivation for your team receiving an internationally recognized certificate from the Institute of Leadership & Management (UK).


eadership Safari Modules 1&2eadership Safari Modules 3&4eadership Safari Modules 5&6

What next?

You can continue down the path you have already been traveling. You will probably get the same outcomes as in the past. Or you decide for something different to happen. If you want to change the direction of your teams and organization, you’re going to have to do something different.

Make a new choice and pursue your new outcome.

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